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Dr. Yaron Dekel, Principal Investigator

Researcher in the field of mammalian domestication and uses genetic and genomic tools. Dr. Dekel also design novel biocompatible formulations for oral delivery of therapeutic peptides and proteins.

Dr. Yossy Machluf, Research associate

Researcher in the field of genomics, in light of evolutionary and domestication processes, as well as genomic variation among healthy population and non-healthy subjects. To this end, Yossy employs diverse molecular and bioinformatic tools, as well as epidemiological approaches

Oshrat Noked Partouche, M.Sc. Reasearch assistant

Researcher in the field of Animal Bioscience, specializing in the study of bovine involution, focusing on the genetic regulation mechanism and bioinformatics.

Ayelet Barash, M.Sc. student

Undergraduate student in the field of Genetics, focusing on Domestication in two mammalian families, Canidae and Suidae.

Gal Bruker, B.Sc. Research assistant

Researcher in the field of agriculture.
Adaptation of plants to local climate and novel agro-technology.